Barricade® 286 Airline Filter

The Barricade® 286 Airline Filter removes moisture, oil, odor, particulates, and organic vapors from compressed air and can be used as a component of a supplied-air respiratory system as required in OSHA regulation 29CFR 1910.134. Commonly used with supplied-air respirators for use in abrasive blasting, general cleaning, inspections, and painting and coating applications.

Airline Filter Selector

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Airline Filter Components & Specs

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Key Features

  • Barricade® 286 Airline Filters (Anti-tip Ring Base)
    Anti-tip Ring Base
    A rugged, stable base with three stout legs, minimizes tipping associated with standard three legged bases. Three bolt holes enable you to securely mount the Barricade® 286 Airline Filter to a surface.
  • Barricade® 286 Airline Filters (Easily Accessible Drain)
    Easily Accessible Drain
    The offset position of the petcock provides easy access for draining collected moisture.
  • Barricade® 286 Airline Filters (Multiple Outlet Configurations)
    Multiple Outlet Configurations
    Configurations are available with 1, 2, or 6-outlets for connecting to multiple supplied-air respirators or pneumatic power tools.
  • Barricade® 286 Airline Filters (Seven-stage Filtration Process)
    Seven-stage Filtration Process
    A seven-stage filtration process provides cleaner breathing air or source air by catching and removing moisture, odors, organic vapors, and other particles from the air supply.



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  • Symptoms

Possible Causes & Actions

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  • Causes

    • Air supply pressure and/or volume too low.
    • Damaged air pressure regulator.
    • Damaged filter cartridge.
    • Improper assembly.
    • Contaminated air supply.
    • Filter cartridge useful life is exceeded.
    • Water, mist, or condensate present.
  • Actions

    • Ensure air source can produce sufficient pressure and volume of air for device connected to Airline Filter Assembly.
    • Ensure air suppy hose/pipe is of adequate size.
    • Adjust setting of pressure regulator (if equipped) to increase airflow.
    • Inspect pressure regulator (if equipped) for damage. Replace as needed.
    • Check Airline Filter Assembly, petcock, and airline fittings for air leaks. Repair as needed.
    • Inspect filter cartridge, replace as needed.
    • Check quality of air supplied to air compressor is sufficient for breathing.
    • Ensure air compressor is operating properly.
      Repair or replace as needed.
    • Clean interior of Airline Filter Assembly and replace filter cartridge.
    • Open petcock to drain water from Airline Filter Assembly.
    • Clean interior of Airline Filter Assembly and replace filter cartridge immediately.
    • Operate Airline Filter Assembly with petcock in a slightly open position to allow water to drain constantly.

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