Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation equipment help contain airborne dust from an abrasive blasting process. Utilized on dust collectors, Ventilation Equipment is available in a variety of sizes, materials, and motor types.

Dust socks and exhaust fans can be used in a variety of applications, both with mobile and stationary dust collection systems, and are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials for most applications.

Key Features

  • Ventilation Equipment (Dust Socks)
    Dust Socks
    Dustmaster® Dust Socks are available in cotton or felt, 24” to 96” I.D. and come in 7 foot to 25 foot lengths. Adapters and screw clamps are available for dust socks.
  • Ventilation Equipment (Black Max Fans)
    Exhaust Fans
    Black Max® Exhaust Fans are available in pneumatic or hazardous-duty and come in sizes from 12” up to 24”.

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