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Blastmaster® Mobile Blasting Systems

By packaging a high performance abrasive blasting system on a trailer or skid, Marco has created high production abrasive blasting systems with unmatched portability and versatility. These systems combine a blast pot, moisture management system, and a 6-outlet airline filter together on a skid or trailer for ease of portability.
  • 25 Blast Pot Options
  • 3 Moisture Management Options
  • 6-outlet Airline Filter
  • Hose Hangers
  • Bulk Bag Rack Stand (20 Cu. Ft. units only)
  • Jack stands to balance trailers on most terrain
  • Drop down gate for easy access to the 3.5 Cu. Ft. and 6.5 Cu. Ft. systems

Key Features

  • Blastmaster® Mobile Blasting Systems (25 Blast Pot Options)
    25 Blast Pot Options
    The Blastmaster® Mobile Blasting Systems comes with your choice of a 3.5 Cu. Ft., 6.5 Cu. Ft., or 20 Cu. Ft. blast pot for any sized job.
  • Blastmaster® Mobile Blasting Systems (3 Moisture Management Options)
    3 Moisture Management Options
    The moisture management system removes water vapor from the compressed air stream. Wet abrasive can clog abrasive metering valves and nozzles resulting in costly downtime and additional maintenance.
  • Blastmaster® Mobile Blasting Systems (6-outlet Airline Filter)
    6-outlet Airline Filter
    The 6-outlet airline filter features a seven stage filtration process to catch and remove moisture, odors, and other particulates from the air supply.
  • Blastmaster® Mobile Blasting Systems (Hose Hangers)
    Hose Hangers
    Built-in hose storage racks make storing air hose and blast hose simple and convenient by keeping hoses in one easily accessible location.

Product details are based on published information at the time of publication. Product details are subject to change without notice. Contact Marco for more information.