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Blastmaster® Bulk Pot Platform

With Marco, safety is priority one.

Marco includes key safety features standard on all of our bulk pots, including Camlock Closure Lockout Devices and slip-resistant ladder rungs.
We also offer many additional safety features and options to upgrade your protections and lower your risks.
  • Bulk Pot Platform

    The Blastmaster® Bulk Pot Platform improves work site safety by providing an enclosed area to stand while accessing the top of a bulk pot.
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    Blastmaster® Bulk Pot Platform Highlights (Swing Gate)
  • Bulk Bag Racks

    The Blastmaster® Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Racks feature gusset reinforced legs, tapered sides, four lifting lugs, fork-pockets, and a swing gate for ease of abrasive loading.
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    Blastmaster® Bulk Pot Platform Accessories (Bag Rack)
  • Bulk Pot Muffler

    The Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Pot Muffler reduces the noise generated during the depressurization process of an abrasive blasting pot.
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    Blastmaster® 160 Cu. Ft. Abrasive Blasting Pot (Abrasive Blasting Pot Muffler)
  • Ladder Extensions

    Pivoting ladder extensions provide direct access to the ladder from ground level.
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    Ladder Extensions
  • Camlock Closure Lockout

    The Blastmaster® Camlock Closure Lockout Device is installed over the 10” camlock closure of an abrasive blasting pot, restricting access to it while the abrasive blasting pot is pressurized.
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    Pneumatic Closure Lockout Device Spring Loaded Latch Close Up
  • Smart Box™

    The Blastmaster® Smart Box™ Production Management System records overall vessel pressurization time and the duration of activation and deactivation on up to four individual remote control systems to monitor individual operator efficiency.
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    Blastmaster® Smart Box™ Production Management System
  • KwikStop Depressurization

    The Blastmaster® KwikStop Depressurization System depressurizes the blast hose in less than one second, directing the air and abrasive into an expansion chamber.
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    Blastmaster® KwikStop Depressurization System

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